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Gary Reighn's "Star Trek" Bridge Home Theatre This Virtual Reality Tour is based on Gary's amazing, custom-built Star Trek home theatre. Gary's page with original photos & info (site may be down due to bandwidth limits)
NASA: Based on the first Mars images transmitted to Earth via NASA's Mars Rover Spirit. Colorized VR from transmitted color sample. [3 VR's total for project]
EVOLUTION CUSTOM CYCLES: These tours are so popular that their printed form is being turned into posters. Drives traffic & profit. Here is a higher resolution version (QuickTime required) [5 VR's total for project]
THE TOBACCO COMPANY: Famous, historic, 5 star restaurant. Proudly shows their Waterspan VR on their homepage. VR drives in customers. [3 VR's total for project, all floors]
INTERIOR DECORATORS & ARCHITECTS: This is the perfect way to archive & display your work online & offline. Great for new clients and as a training aid for your employees.
VR BLUEPRINTS: We can create any interface you can imagine for displaying your virtual tours. Blueprints & maps help the VR user sense direction. [4 VR's total for project]
MULTI-EXPOSURE: We also offer a multi-exposure process for indoor daytime VR. This inexpensive VR upgrade will replace the white, flooded light that pours in from windows with a balanced outdoor exposure instead.
OVAL OFFICE: One of only 2 mock United States Oval Office sets in the country. Shot at New Millennium Studios. [3 VR's total for project]
ESPN: X-Games bikes & world-renown professional skater Tony Hawk. Tony performed aerials overtop the Waterspan VR photographer. [8 VR's total for project]
VA FILM OFFICE: VR shot throughout VA. Hollywood producers view the VR's of locations and choose them for major motion pictures. Brings in millions of dollars in revenue for VA. [Hundreds of VR's for project]
UNITED STATES GOVT: With a special security clearance, Waterspan shot VR inside the U.S. Capitol Rotunda after hours. It was the only VR shot there in U.S. history. [4 VR's total for project inside & out]
AVID MEDICAL: The VR photographer had to wear a clean room outfit and sterilize the VR equipment in order to safely capture this facility. [3 VR's total for project]
GOVERNOR'S MANSION: The actual Governor's mansion shot for the Film Office. Required security clearance, only VR ever shot there in history. [12 VR's total for project]
SUNDAY'S GARDENS: Waterspan created this VR and made a billboard for the client with the resulting 360 degree print image (see here) [3 VR's total for project]
WEDDINGS & EVENTS FACILITIES: Since posting these VR's online, Sunday's Gardens has booked weddings & other events for over 1-2 years in advance. This VR has led to huge, quantifiable profit. [3 VR's total for project]
RESORTS: Show off your resort inside & out. We make interactive maps of entire resorts (golf courses, facilities, ski runs, etc.). Using these maps, your potential customers pull up VR's that they'll share with friends & family.

The "Star Trek" trademark is the property of Paramount Pictures, Inc.
Waterspan services are available nationwide, internationally & other planets.
Samples above captured from Colorado, Arizona, Washington D.C., Virginia and Mars.